FRP Tanks In High Quality

The company can produce various specifications of FRP storage tanks with a diameter of less than 10 meters, with an annual production capacity of 20000 tons. The FRP storage tank is generally composed of four layers: inner surface layer, inner layer, reinforcement layer, and outer surface layer. Other layered structures can also be adopted as needed; The thickness of the inner surface layer is 0.25-0.5mm, and the thickness of the inner layer is not less than 2mm. The thickness of the strength layer is determined by design calculations. The thickness of the outer surface layer is 0.2-0.5mm. On the premise of meeting the design requirements, the wall thickness of vertical storage tanks is allowed to be thin at the top and thick at the bottom.

The resin mass content of the surface layer and inner layer inside the tank is 80%~90% and 68%~78%, respectively; The reinforcement layer is between 25% and 40%; The outer surface layer shall not be less than 70%. The cone angle of the inner wall shall not exceed 1 ° u12290X, and the allowable circumferential strain of the tank wall under loading conditions shall not exceed 0.1%. Fiber winding layer, with a spiral winding angle of 80 ° u26102X, and an axial tensile strength of not less than 15MPa.