Frp Grp Cover
Frp Grp Cover
Frp Grp Cover
Frp Grp Cover
Frp Grp Cover

The glass fiber-reinforced plastic cover is placed above the sewage pool. The waste gas generated in the sewage pool is isolated from the air by the cover. An air outlet is added on the surface of the cover, and a ventilation pipe is installed. The waste gas enters the waste gas purification tower through the ventilation pipe,in order to increase the collection of waste gas, a glass fiber reinforced plastic fan is installed in front of the purification tower, and the waste gas is sucked into the purification tower by the fan. The waste gas is sprayed in two stages in the tower. If the waste gas is acidic, it is absorbed by alkali liquor circulation, If the waste gas is alkaline, acid solution circulation spray absorption is used, and the waste gas treatment efficiency reaches over 90%, and the emission meets relevant standards.

1. Advantages of FRP Cover

FRP cover has excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, anti-slip, lightweight, easy installation and maintenance, insulation, etc.
1. Strong corrosion resistance:
This product is made of acid and alkali-resistant and corrosion-resistant resin as the basic material. It adopts excellent curing formula and advanced curing process. According to the condition and shape of each sewage pool, a specific mold is determined as the external mold for curing and molding.
2. Low cost and long service life:
Compared with other deodorization schemes for sewage pools, it has low cost, simple installation and construction, and long service life.
3. Lightweight, high-strength, and easy to install:
The specific gravity of the FRP cover is only one-third to one-fourth of that of steel products, with a high degree of solidification, heavy load, and high strength. It is suitable for large-span pool bodies, and the cover plate can be divided into several small pieces for easy transportation and installation.
4. Beautiful and anti-aging:
The product is made of anti-aging, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant gel coat resin, with a smooth and beautiful surface, bright color, and service life of more than 20 years.
5. Low operation and maintenance costs, convenient maintenance:
Due to its high corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and no need for regular maintenance like metal products, the cost is significantly reduced. Observation openings are reserved on the FRP cover and maintenance doors are reserved at the ends, which are convenient for workers to repair and do not affect the normal operation of the equipment.
6. Strong design ability:
The product size can be flexibly designed according to the specific situation of the pool body on site, and the shape can be made into curved covers, circular covers, flat covers, etc.

2. Specification

The specifications of the product can be specified by the customer, or our company can provide a design plan after the customer puts forward usage requirements.

3. Application scope

It is suitable for deodorization of the sewage pool of the sewage treatment plants in the industries of petroleum, chemical industry, urban sewage treatment, medicine, food, metallurgy, compound fertilizer, textile printing, dyeing, etc.