Common Problems And Solutions For FRP/GRP Scrubber 

Common Problems and Solutions for FRP/GRP Scrubber 


As a common gas purification equipment, FRP/GRP Scrubber are widely used to remove harmful substances from waste gas, and are widely used in fields such as chemical engineering and environmental protection. However, during use, FRP/GRP Scrubber often encounter some problems that affect their purification efficiency and stability. This article will explore common problems and solutions to help you better solve the problems in the use of FRP/GRP Scrubber.


Stuck packing inside the tower:


Problem manifestation: Blocked packing can cause poor gas flow and decrease purification efficiency.


Solution: Regularly clean the filler and remove blockages; Increase the flow and pressure of the washing solution to improve the flushing effect; Choose the appropriate filler material to reduce the possibility of blockage.


Uneven flow rate of washing solution:


Problem manifestation: Uneven flow rate of washing solution can lead to poor purification effect in some areas.


Solution: Check the spray system to ensure that the nozzle is unobstructed; Adjust the flow rate and angle of the spray system to ensure that the washing solution evenly covers the entire packing layer; Regularly clean the nozzle to prevent blockage.


Washing solution concentration too high or too low:


Problem manifestation: If the concentration of washing solution is too high, it will lead to resource waste, while if it is too low, it will affect the purification effect.


Solution: Adjust the concentration of the washing solution based on the characteristics and purification requirements of the exhaust gas; Regularly check the concentration of the washing solution and adjust it in a timely manner.


Sewage system malfunction:


Problem manifestation: Failure of the sewage system can cause wastewater to be unable to be discharged in a timely manner, affecting the recycling of washing solution.


Solution: Regularly inspect the pipelines and valves of the sewage system to ensure smooth flow; Clean the sewage collector and filter to prevent blockage; Timely repair or replace faulty components.

Corrosion issues:


Problem manifestation: The fiberglass washing tower may be corroded by chemicals, leading to equipment damage.


Solution: Choose fiberglass materials with good corrosion resistance; Regularly inspect and repair potential corrosion issues; Use anti-corrosion coatings for protection when necessary.


During use, FRP/GRP Scrubber may encounter common problems such as packing blockage, uneven flow rate of washing solution, concentration issues of washing solution, sewage system failure, and corrosion. To address these issues, we can take corresponding solutions, such as regularly cleaning the fillers, adjusting the spray system, adjusting the concentration of the washing solution, repairing the sewage system, and selecting corrosion-resistant materials. Only by solving these problems in a timely manner can the purification effect of the FRP/GRP Scrubber be stable and long-lasting, providing reliable guarantees for environmental protection and personal safety.